• Cameras: There are cameras which shows the users’ face, the way they use keyboards and their behavior.

  • Eye Tracking Device and The Test Computer: The test computer in the test room and the observer computer in the observer room are on the same network. The eye tracking device is connected to the test computer. The data taken from the users (where they look at on the screen, for how long and how many times, etc.) is collected in this computer. The observer computer records the videos of the users and also it can get the data on the test computer through the network and monitor it.

  • The Observer Computer: It stays in the observer room. The  screen images recorded by the cameras are gathered in this computer with Morae software.

  • The Control Unit: This unit controls the cameras which rotates 360 degrees and displays the screen images of the test and the observer computers.

  • Microphones and Amplificators: There are microphones in the test room and the observer room used for connecting the user and the observer. The rosolution of voice recordings are increased by amplificators.

  • Sound Mixer: There is a sound mixer which controls the microphone and the speaker in the test room and the observer room.
  • Sound Insulation (Sound Proofing):  Sound insulation (proofing) is necessary for isolating the room from external sounds and noise to maintain appropriate conditions during the tests.


Stable Dome Cam

Assmann - DN-16055


Dome Cam Controller


Portable (Mobile) Colored Cam



Video Multiplexer Device

Videonics VMMXPRO

Video Controller Device              

 P.I. Engineering, XPS-08-USB-R 

Sound Mixer and Amplificator



Desktop Type Gong Microphone


Stereo Speakers

PHONIC p8-p8a


Test Takers’ Computer  

HP KV547EA  

HP L2245wg 22 inches Wide Screen LCD Monitor

Computer for  Storing, Archiving and Carrying Data

HP Compaq 6830s 

Laptop Computer

IP Data Switching System


The Observer and Control Computer 

HP KV547EA   HP L2245wg 22 inches 
Wide Screen
LCD Monitor 2 pieces

Eye Tracking System



Senso Motoric Instruments (SMI): It was built by the producers of IviewX RED 2.5 eye tracking device. It takes information from the infrared reciever and reflector cameras on the screen and converts it to visual and digital data and records it. It provides various tools to analyse these data.

Noldus Observer 9.0: It is a program which assembles the data of the observations to machine language and processes these data to make statistics then produces graphics depending on these stats. It is used to combine, manage, analyse and present observed data. It is useful to gather information about behavior development, communication, education, language acquisition, comprehension and psychological assessment as well as evaluating product usability and human-machine interaction.

U-Log: A device which automatically records user-system interaction and keyboard-mouse actions.




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