Usability Lab

Our HCI laboratory is designed for the usability testing. There are two separated rooms: the test takers room and the observer room.  In order to prevent the test taker from seeing the observer, there is a one-way mirror between the two rooms. Appropriate lighting for the test room is supplied by dimmer control unit.The data from the cameras, microphones, speakers and monitors are collected and reserved in the system by specially designed software. For this purpose, two software applications, called Noldus and U-Log, are used. Furthermore, SMI Eye-tracking device records the eye movement information on the screen. To store and analyze the eye-tracking data, we use SMI Experiment Center and BeGaze programs. All these monitored data are analyzed with the specially designed HCI software tools.


Audio and video recordings are kept by two cameras; one of which is mounted on the ceiling of the test room called a dome type cam and the other one which takes profile view is fastened on the tripod as a pedestal cam. The HCI Lab is designed to eliminate the possible distracting elements in the test room. The observer room and the test room are also isolated by sound proof much like the sound insulation techniques used in interrogation rooms. Voice communication is provided through bi-directional microphones and speakers. In the evaluation phase of audio and video recordings, video and audio mixers are used in the Noldus program integration.





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